What is Tokenomics? It is the science of the tokens economy. Below is a breakdown of the Gallant Token distribution across the Binance Smart Chain, the community, team and the future for the project.


As with any project or business, having funds available for marketing and development is one of the most important but yet challenging facets that many face. To ensure longevity and growth with funds being available, we created a function in our contract that will automatically create funds for this purpose. A designated wallet that was assigned, receives 8% of transactions and are swapped for BNB directly into that wallet.

Automatic Liquidity

Our Liquidity is automatically deposited from buys and sells to create a solid price floor. With 2% going directly to LP the price increases, the price stability mirrors the function with the benefits of a solid price floor and cushioning for holders. The goal of the LP is to prevent dips from large sales and support the price from significant fluctuations.


To incentive holding and reward the community, 3% is allocated to a function in the contract and set to automatically distribute a percentage of tokens back to the holders. This number can be changed to increase the amount of reflections while doing promotions or giveaways along with the other taxes but will never go lower than 2%.

Non-Renouncement of Ownership

There is a common misconception that the Renouncement of Ownership is an essential portion to a solid project. While this may be true, there are also negative effects of this. With the renouncement of ownership, you lose the ability to get listed on certain exchanges as they require you to whitelist their address from the fees.

If we renounce ownership we essentially lose this ability. Another negative impact is the inability to change fees or fix any issue should it present itself in the future. While we understand that a lot of people like seeing that ownership has been renounced, we have not and will not renounce during our growth stage since it is an essential piece for that growth to take place in our roadmap.


Our contract has a burn function that is currently not active. The purpose of this function is for us to do celebratory burns in the future. As we develop our Blockchain Gaming integrations, we will have burn features coded into the contracts so that as players participate, it will create a new price floor during purchases, defeated matches, etc. Unlike other tokens that do massive burns right after launch, the Gallant Token team has a long term vision and burning tokens in mass would be crippling for the use cases and plans for the roadmap.

Team Tokens - 10%

We decided that we would reserve tokens for their internal and external team members (consultants/advisors, etc.) This is imperative for continued longevity and growth. As with any company or business, salaries are paid in return for hard work and for onboarding. The internal team members have tokens that were paid for using their own money, as any other community member/investor. The tokens allocated for them in their roles are currently locked in UniCrypt, and can be viewed here.

  • 2% Team Wallet 1 - Core - 0x7FcE8404349f8B22D8354f72e716a3B4954C239c

  • 2% Team Wallet 2 - Core - 0x142077F81F38868113A0659f58Cf860E61dD89c8

  • 2% Team Wallet 3 - Core - 0x008111734Cf615e14E86559A6CEc87ce4b4C45Fd

  • 1% Team Wallet 4 - Core - 0x466b5124b420D4E59816d8691bE77f28F497c9Fe

  • 1% Team Wallet 4 - Expansion - 0xd2ce67c5d09746cc12ed7db716425507a1b09f95

  • 2% Team Wallet 5 - Int/Ext - 0x25a3d6cc5d3e2c79715c8fbf6f65be3fa64a3c03

Exchange/Game - 20 %

There has been a 20% of total supply allocated for the growth of the project onto exchanges and games. 10% will be used to pair with other currencies such as USDT, BNB, BUSD, etc., and having them come directly from the total supply from the start was the most strategic way to ensure fairness for all. Tokens locked can be viewed here.

Due to Gallant Token having a primary use case in Gaming, we set aside a 10% supply to be used in the gaming integrations. As the games are developed and integrated with the blockchain, these tokens will be implemented in various ways to be used for play to earn, loot boxes, airdrops and more. Lock can be viewed here.

Airdrop - 22.5%

A total of 22.5% of the total supply was allocated for the existing holders of the token. The team at Gallant Token made a promise and commitment to all of the holders that they would airdrop them the same value of tokens from when trading was halted due to a design issue with SafeMoon Forks and the SwapAndLiquify Function for LP that resides in them by default.

Claims - 3%

Having set aside Airdrop tokens, the team set aside 3% to be used for wallets that did not receive airdropped tokens so that they could be claimed in a timely fashion. Once the team has determined the time has expired, the unclaimed tokens will be used in other areas of project growth such as marketing, development, giveaways, etc.

Wallet Address - 0x88CA3e35da61B3fD975e677b181F79fA7dF7691D

Pre-Sale - 20%

To create liquidity for the project and allow members to have a chance to get in early on the project, a presale was created on UniCrypt and 20% of the supply was allocated there. The liquidity that was made there was locked for 90 days. As the timer becomes unlocked, depending on the roadmap and development goals/progress/needs, rather to extend the timer or move it, we will make an announcement to the community.

Dev/Marketing - 5%

Since marketing and development is the number one driver apart from community engagement and acceptance, the team allocated 5% of the supply directly to the Marketing wallet to use for functions such as promos, airdrop prizes/giveaways and other creative methods to enhance growth in the project.

Wallet Address - 0xee0FA8Ec7DbE981502898289a9458dd2DF4AFfe5

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