Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy and hold GAL?

Accumulate and hold GAL for beta testing eligibility and in game purchases when games become available. The ability use the native tokens in our games is one of the main utilities of Gallant.

Why was there a re-launch?

To resolve a liquidity (LP) issue in our previous contract due to it being a SafeMoon Fork as well as to add enhanced security features and BNB function for the marketing wallet.

What are the Game Development plans?

At the time of writing, the team has established two contracts that will allow the development of 2 games to be released within the next 60 days and a 3rd by the EOY. These will include play to earn crypto games, and non-crypto games. The games will also be mixed to allow for app store integration as well as WebGL for desktop users. Down the road as development increases on the bigger games we will have the consoles included.

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