Gallantier Of The Month

We believe in recognizing the people who deserve it! In a world where bad things are pointed out and good deeds go unnoticed, our mission is to lift up the heroes who earn the credit.

What is Gallantier of the Month and how to become one?

Gallant Token has announced, “On the 30th of each month, we will reward the top 3 most active members in our community with the title of 'Gallantier of the Month' and each will receive a $GAL airdrop.

Our community is our greatest asset ", said Samantha Rivera (Head of Design). Community engagement is important for a project like Gallant Token. At such an early stage, community can make the difference between a thriving project and a forgotten project. We like to recognize those who go that second mile for the project and community. It's not always about quantity, but quality, so we implemented GOTM to be a way to promote the positives. Samantha said, “We want our holders to know that they are important and that, with their active support, Gallant Token will reach higher heights than imagined.

To earn 'Gallantier of the Month', community members (excluding admins/mods) will be looked at based on their contributions to Gallant; whether it be content, community participation or just spreading education.

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