Gallant Studios - Game Development

Gallant Studios is the gaming development arm of Gallant, producing blockchain driven games

Unlike many crypto projects, Gallant Token is a real business with long term goals. Many projects are quick to produce a single simple web based game and call this "utility". Here at Gallant, we plan to produce game titles on a regular basis, from simpler mobile NFT based games through to our long term plan of releasing a true MMORPG title.

"Video gamers worldwide are already very familiar with the notion of scarce digital items, tokenization and in-game currencies. Meanwhile, blockchain technology empowers these gamers in a way that has clear benefits — both financially and in terms of a title's development. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine GameFi taking increasingly bigger bites out of the $175 billion worth global video games market." ~

We see the combination of blockchain technology and gaming as a natural fit. Indeed, many common games and game companies today effectively use NFT's without the blockchain - for example, selling lootboxes which can contain unique in game items which players can use, sell or trade.

Our first title is due for release this year (2021), however, as a registered business, we will, over time, employ a growing team of dedicated and talented developers and designers to continue to bring our visions to life.

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