Welcome to Gallant Token

2021 - Rev - 0.2

Gallant Token is one of a few things; a decentralized finance smart contract built on the Binance Smart Chain; a community of people from across the world; and a brand. Our main utility focus is to integrate blockchain technology and gaming across different platforms.

Centralized around a medieval warrior-inspired theme, Gallant Token, encapsulates the meaning of bravery. With a helmet as our logo, we are suited up and ready to usher in the new era of blockchain. The world of cryptocurrency is a very diverse space with many different tokens and use cases. We are not average, we want to shoot above and beyond what the typical coin is doing.

Along the way we will be establishing partnerships that will allow us to bring our vision to a reality and exponentially increase our user base. Our gaming utilities will encompass various aspects from the web-style, downloadable mobile versions in the app store, to full on PC and console games.

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