Gallant Gaming - Online Community Gaming

Gallant Gaming is an online gaming clan, with casual play, community servers, eSports teams and planned tournaments.

Gallant Token was founded by gamers, for gamers. At the core of this effort is community. Gamers have long formed into Clans, Guilds or other groups, often staying together for years and forming bonds of friendship that last longer than the games they play.

Gallant Gaming is our overarching term for no only our gaming clan, but also our move into eSports. We will host our own community servers for games the community loves to play, field eSports teams in competitive play, and with our partners, run Gaming Tournaments specifically catering to crypto based gaming groups.

The clan however lies at the heart of this. It provides a safe, welcoming environment for adult players of all ages, backgrounds and gaming interests, and has its home in a separate dedicated Discord because we think separating work from play is a good thing.

While the Clan is open to anyone, Gallant token holders specifically will gain preferential access to hosted community servers, as well as early access to Gallant Studio titles, partner discounts and other benefits. Most of all, you'll make friends for life who are as passionate about games as you are.

So if you are a passionate person about gaming in a clan/group or just a casual gamer who likes to hop on your favorite mobile game in your spare time, come and join us!

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